Connecting Tanzania

Recent Projects

District Wide High Speed Printer

Student assessments April, 2020

$12,000 joint program with Moshi School District to provide a high speed Risograph Printer that can print National Exams and Educational Materials for the district which is comprised of 75 schools and over 60,000 children.   Connecting Tanzania procured the printer and the district provided fees for taxes and ongoing supplies of toner and paper.  The printer is a key component of reducing the expenses of purchasing national exams, allowing improved student assessment and reducing time on rote copying of questions from a board into exam books.  We collaborated with Curriculum Director and the District Educational Director to complete this project.  Going forward, curriculum educators will develop teaching materials for all students to use. 

Rau Secondary School Library Shelves

The new library was outfitted with shelving to provide adequate functional space for storage that’s accessible by students.

Science Curriculum Materials

Reviewing physics materials, 2019

Provided to Moshi primary and secondary schools: science text books, lab equipment and teaching materials.  A $10,000 donation of a complete science curriculum for four grades including books and hands on materials was made by the Rhode Island Science Materials Resource Collaborative.  Connecting Tanzania shipped and distributed the materials, over 2,000 pounds to 10 schools.

Moshi Primary School Library

MPSL was originally built in 2017.  After completion of the physical space, CT organized and developed a system for organizing and accessing books by students and provided education to teachers on how to incorporate use of library into their curriculum.   Books are supplied on an annual basis and education on usage and incorporation into school curriculum is ongoing.


Rau Primary School and Tuleeni Uru Libraries

(Left)Books for library delivered and color coded library system set up.  (Right) Mama Faraji at the new Library at Tuleeni Orphanage in Uru.  Connecting Tanzania provided bookcases and will be sending books for students.




Internship Program. Pilot program to evaluate role of teaching interns in classroom. Typical classroom size throughout Tanzania is 50 students:1 teacher. In cooperation with Moshi Primary School we are developing a program to utilize recent graduates of the Teacher’s College as interns to work directly in classrooms with teachers providing an additional professional in each classroom and effectively reducing the student:teacher ratio and allowing for small group work. This program addresses one of the biggest issues in education in developing countries, excessively large class sizes.