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We are committed to publishing children’s literature in the the local Tanzanian language of Swahili that features culturally relevant story lines and themes.  The goal is to foster a culture of literacy in Tanzania and give support to African authors while providing an opportunity to learn about Tanzanian life and culture to children in other parts of the world.


Our first book, Njiro and Mshumaa was written by an African    teacher and author was published in January 2013.  Written in both Swahili and English, Njiro and Mshumaa tells the story of a young boy struggling to take care of his brother and finish his chores.  A beautifully illustrated story that children of all nationalities will relate to.  It is available for purchase through in U.S. and Europe and to educational markets.  Copies of the books we publish are  donated to schools and libraries throughout Tanzania.


By publishing  in both languages Tanzanian children will have access to books in their native language and children in English speaking parts of the world will have the opportunity to learn about African culture.   All profits from book sales go towards supporting the programs of Connecting Tanzania.

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Submit a Story

We welcome stories submitted by African authors.  We are particularly interested in stories which tell stories of local culture, African folktales and African children’s stories.   Contact us at to receive more information on how to submit a manuscript.