Connecting Tanzania

Masks for America

Beautifully crafted double-sided cloth masks are made from Tanzanian cotton fabrics and hand sewn by women in the village of Rau, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.  Masks are purchased directly at Fair Trade prices supporting local families.   All proceeds go toward supporting educational initiatives in the local public schools and communities.  LIMITED QUANTITIES.  


Your masks will be assorted colors and patterns.




To receive your masks, please donate using secure link to paypal. Be sure to click “include mailing address” and we will ship the mask(s) directly to you.  Available for shipping within USA only.  If you would like the masks shipped to another address, please contact us at  

Donate $10 – Receive Two Masks

Donate $20 plus – Receive Five Masks

We will ship 5 masks for all donations $20 and over.  If you would like to receive additional masks,  please message us directly.  If you are donating and do not wish to receive any masks please let us know in the message section in the Donation Link.  Be sure to click “include address” so we can ship your masks. 

Thank you for your support!