Connecting Tanzania

Our Mission


Education is a critical tool in breaking the cycle of poverty in the developing world.  Our mission is to improve education in Tanzania by working locally with schools and administrations to improve learning. We are committed to supporting the children of Tanzania to improve their reading and language skills by providing access to children’s books and teaching resources in nursery and primary schools.  Our focus for the past decade has been to build libraries in nursery and primary schools and orphanages; to publish children’s books in Swahili and English by local authors, to provide access to technology and to provide teaching materials and instructional methods and strategies to teachers.  

Holiday 2020





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Tanzania has been hit hard by the economic shutdown of their tourist industry due to travel restrictions related to Covid-19.  Many people in the villages we work with depend on tourists visiting to hike Kilimanjaro or travel on Safaris for their employment.  This season we are working with a local sewing group to sew masks made from local fabrics purchased in the markets in Moshi.  Your purchase will provide work and income for vulnerable families and children.  Proceeds will support our educational programs in the schools and orphanages we serve.  Thank you for your support!