Connecting Tanzania



We are committed to helping the children of Tanzania develop a love of reading and improve their language skills by improving access to children’s books and teaching resources in nursery and primary schools.   Our mission is to build libraries in  nursery and primary schools and orphanages;  to publish children’s books written by Tanzanian authors and to provide teaching materials and instructional  methods to local  teachers.  English literacy is required for children to progress past grade 7 in the Tanzanian school system.  Most children currently fail to achieve the required level of literacy and their education ends at grade 7.   Our goal is to improve childhood literacy which is the foundation for success in secondary schools.


Books are an integral part of early childhood education.  In many of the nursery cropped-Photo0452.jpgschools in Tanzania, there are few if any books available to children and teachers.  We work closely with schools to access their needs and provide books that will be actively used.  Gently used books are collected through book drives, sorted and shipped over regularly.


We publish books by Tanzanian authors that tell culturally relevant stories in the local language.  We also publish books in Swahili that are appropriate for early childhood.  Books are available for purchase on or by contacting us.

Njiro and Mshumaa

The story of a young boy caring for his baby brother while his parents go off to work.  Told in Swahili and English.





Number book featuring the animals of the Great National Parks of Tanzania.  Swahili and English versions.

Moja, Mbili, Tatu    Counting Safari Animals

Classic Tanzanian folktales retold in Swahili and English and beautifully illustrated.

Lion and Hare Coverlion hyena rabbit front cover



Enjoy our latest children’s book about the adventurous Hamisi who discovers what wonderful talents he has.

Hamisi The Complaining Lizard

English Edition

Hamisi Swahili Cover

Swahili Edition